Market Continuity

Market access is not a one-off job. The work continues after entry. At Time2Market, we are aware of the challenges and activities that occur after entering your market. Since we are experts, we know how to help you out. Don’t get caught by surprise; don’t make mistakes you can avoid. We can give you your time and focus back so you can do what you are best at – trading.

— Eszter Pontenagel, Founder & CEO of Time2Market

What is Market Continuity?

Market continuity is a service we offer exclusively to our clients who have entered an energy market with the help of Time2Market. We manage all ad-hoc tasks related to our clients’ presence, activities, and membership in the markets we have helped them enter.  

Managing a market where you are an active participant requires updating or submitting new documents to the relevant counterparties, making reports, and managing users.  

Time2Market handles all tasks related to registering and deregistering traders in your organization. Just drop us an email with the new user and their passport photo, and we’ll deal with the rest.

Why do I need to manage the markets I am already active in?

Not correctly managing a market after onboarding has financial and legal consequences. Ignoring correspondence from counterparties or taking a long time to submit relevant documentation can be troublesome for your organization.  

We at Time2Market have the time and expertise to focus on your ad-hoc tasks and complete them efficiently and diligently. You do not need to bother with administrative work. Focus on what you do best by outsourcing your market access efforts.

How do I manage the energy markets I trade in?

By nurturing a professional relationship with all relevant counterparties, you can ensure that your market management and related administrative tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently.  

Our connections allow us to skip the first line of defense to many authorities and counterparties. By outsourcing your market management, you ensure these activities take as little time as possible and as few appointments as possible.  

Having onboarded your trading house in the markets in which you are an active participant, we already understand your company’s structure and preferred way of operating. So, forward those ad-hoc emails to us or give us a heads-up on Teams, and we’ll let you know if we need any source information. Then, continue with your daily operations while we handle the correspondence with authorities, TSOs, ISOs, Exchanges, Banks, and more.  

With close to 20 years of combined experience in the energy industry, in both market access and trading short-term, long-term, physical, and financial power, we know what we are doing.  

Reach out to Time2Market and let us accelerate your business.  

We deliver, you excel.

Disclaimer: Time2Market ApS is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, and actuality of the information provided. This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered business or legal advice.

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