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Time2Market’s vision is to become the leading provider of market access and trading support services by growing our knowledge, network, and experiences. We are passionate about bringing innovative solutions to the energy trading industry and contributing to the transition to a more sustainable and efficient energy system.


Time2Market provides market access and trading support to companies who want to trade energy and commodities. We become part of our clients’ DNA and ensure accelerated and frictionless market entry while representing their best interests towards counterparties in every step of the market access process. Our clients’ success is our success.

Eszter Pontenagel presents the European gas market TSOs in ENTSOG


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How was Time2Market founded?

Time2Market was founded in 2022 by Eszter Pontenagel when she decided to pursue her passion for helping energy trading companies, no matter how big or small, to succeed in entering and trading on their desired markets.  

Time2Market was founded on the passion for freedom, innovation, and sustainable growth potential. Throughout her career in the energy industry, Eszter noticed a gap in the business development side of the industry – large trading houses were inefficiently using extensive resources on market expansion. And those without a business development department were spending the invaluable time of their traders with market access procedures.   

As her network expanded, more and more companies came to her with the need for somebody with her skills and expertise. Eszter realized she needed more projects to run parallel and didn’t feel fulfilled if she couldn’t help as many people as possible. She wanted to choose clients whose values aligned with her own and help them without being restricted by the company that employed her. Time2Market was born.   

Time2Market is synonymous with female entrepreneurial spirit in the energy industry. We are a team with vast experience and even bigger dreams.

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Time2Market's Founder

A professional portrait of Eszter Pontenagel

Eszter Pontenagel has dedicated the last ten years of her career to the wholesale power and gas trading industry. She’s worked with various stakeholders and partners across Europe and North America as a business developer in multiple big energy trading houses.  

She is passionate about equipping her clients with the tools and strategies they need to reach their goals, and she uses her extensive experience with business implementation to do so. Her dedication to her clients is her secret weapon to building well-functioning and long-lasting business relationships across energy markets.  

Time2Market’s Founder and CEO has been described by partners and colleagues as a resilient person who can make highly ambitious goals timely despite bumps on the road. Eszter can solve any challenge in her responsibilities, and her positive “can do” attitude makes her a very pleasurable partner to work with.

“Success for me is when I wake up in the morning and am in a good mood. Success is when our clients are happy and feel treated well, and my talent is utilized to its full potential. Our clients’ success is my success.”

— Eszter Pontenagel, Founder & CEO of Time2Market

Time2Market's Managing Director

A professional portrait of Paul Pontenagel

Paul Pontenagel has spent nearly ten years trading power while monitoring the international energy markets. He has a very versatile portfolio, having traded physical and financial both short-term and long-term.    

His passion for numbers and models led him to the energy industry, where he spent time working on fundamental short-term price forecasting models for the European day-ahead power market based on simulating the EUPHEMIA algorithm.    

Paul understands precisely what our clients need because he comes from where they’re headed! His passion for sharing knowledge with our clients led him to join Time2Market. While he didn’t have the opportunity to use his expertise beyond his employer's requirement, he now looks forward to being able to help as many energy traders as possible.    

With his expertise, Time2Market can offer an even better and broader service package than ever before. While we’ve always strived to become a part of our clients’ DNA, with Paul on the team, our clients’ DNA has become a part of our own.

“Time2Market allows me to express my passion for the industry while using my expertise to understand our clients better and help them enter markets even more efficiently.”

— Paul Pontenagel, Managing Director at Time2Market

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