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Time2Market can set you up at your preferred energy exchanges to engage in intraday, day ahead, or longer-term future markets. We have the expertise, connections, and partnerships to ensure you have the proper setup at the correct Exchange, allowing you to trade in all freedom.

— Paul Pontenagel, Managing Director at Time2Market

What is an Energy Exchange?

An energy Exchange is a marketplace where commodities are traded. In our clients’ case, these commodities are usually power and gas. Exchanges ensure fair and secure trading using sophisticated algorithms to match prices. In the past, Exchanges required traders to be physically present to conduct a trade, whereas, in modern times, they are electronic.  

At Time2Market, we differentiate between different types of energy exchanges when initiating a market access process. The product you want to trade can be a physical or a financial commodity. Depending on your expertise – power, gas, or another commodity - we assist you in deciding which Exchange suits you best based on your requirements and market characteristics.  

When trading physical power on the day-ahead or intraday markets, Time2Market will set you up with one of the EU-mandated physical Power Exchanges known as NEMOs (Nominated Electricity Market Operator). These entities are authorized by European authorities to perform tasks related to the single day-ahead (SDAC) or single intraday (SDIC) market coupling using Euphemia, the European market coupling algorithm.  

The NEMOs allow you to take physical positions in the short-term markets, where specific profiling on long/short positions on (quarter-)hourly timeframes is possible.

Paul Pontenagel presenting the forwards and futures power and gas trading markets, using the Trayport JOULE software.

Why do I need to gain exchange access before starting a market entry process?

To trade the commodity you wish to trade on any Exchange platform across the globe, you must be approved by the Exchange first. The approval or denial of access to the Exchange comes after submitting a thorough application.

Future exchanges

One can access future exchanges for either physical or financial power futures. Established examples include EEX/EEX Spot (European Energy Exchange), ICE (International Commodity Exchange), and Nasdaq (formerly known as National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, for those who were wondering).  

Most products offered on these exchanges are baseload products, where a full day, weekend, week, or month of exposure is taken. These products can be both physical and financial.

Additional exchanges

Besides the main NEMOs and future exchanges, many Exchanges in Southern Europe or Central-Eastern Europe (like GME and Opcom) also offer gas trading on their platform. If you are interested in joining a specific Exchange, please reach out via the contact form.

How do I become a member of an Exchange?

Depending on your expertise and the commodity you want to trade, you can choose the Exchange that suits your needs and begin your application process.  

At Time2Market, we know how to join the Energy Exchanges discussed. Why? Because we are experts, and we have the necessary expertise and experience to handle the task. Our close partnerships with exchanges worldwide make your application process even better.  

With close to 20 years of combined experience in the energy industry, in both market access and trading short-term, long-term, physical, and financial power, we know what we are doing.  

Reach out to Time2Market and let us accelerate your business.  

We deliver, you excel.

Disclaimer: Time2Market ApS is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, and actuality of the information provided. This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered business or legal advice.

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