Cross-border Access

Whether you are already active on the markets you want to flow power or gas between or you need your market entries managed as well, Time2Market is here to support you in being setup correctly to flow power or gas cross-border via your obtained capacities.

— Paul Pontenagel, Managing Director at Time2Market

How can one obtain cross-border capacities?

What is an Interconnector?

In the context of power trading, the structures which enable cross-border flow, are called interconnectors.  

Interconnectors are structures that physically connect two electrical grids, thus enabling high-voltage direct current power to flow between two TSOs operating areas.  

In Europe, interconnectors connect the electricity grids of different countries. A map of the European electricity transmission system can be seen on ENTSO-E's website here.

In the USA, Interconnectors connect the 3 separate power grids: the Eastern and Western Power Grids, as well as ERCOT. As the American power grids are asynchronous, flow between the 3 power grids, called also Interconnections, is only possible via HVDC converter stations. A map of USA’s wholesale power system is available here.

How to flow cross-border gas?

Physical gas is transported over long-distances through systems of connected pipes, called pipelines. Similarly to power, these pipelines connect neighboring markets. Pipelines can be built in-land, as well as offshore, which are also referred to as marine pipelines. Uniquely, gas pipelines can connect multiple markets in a row.  

For example, the Yamal-Europe Pipeline is the longest pipeline in Europe and connects Western Siberia to Austria through Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Slovakia (4107 km). The longest pipeline in continental North America is the Cochin Pipeline, connecting Illinois, USA to Saskatchewan, Canada (3058 km).

Aleksander Kristensen and Paul Pontenagel discussing cross-border trading and interconnector access.

Why do I need access to interconnectors?

To book cross-border capacities, market participants need to have a BRP agreement with the TSOs, governing the markets they want to flow capacity through. After the market access procedure is in place and the interconnector access is granted, market players can trade across markets through various platforms.

How do I book cross-border capacities?

Depending on your trading activities and the commodity you want to flow cross-border, you can choose the platform that suits your needs and begin your application process. If you already have access to these platforms, the procedure is simplified. The most common cross-border capacity booking platforms in the EU are JAO and PRISMA.

At Time2Market, our experts have over 20 years of experience in market access and energy trading short-term, long-term, physical, and financial power and gas. We know what we are doing.  

Reach out to Time2Market and let us accelerate your business.  

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